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Steel Box Wood Knife 16 cm

Steel Box Wood Knife 16 cm

€ 25,00Price

We use these knives every day and just love them. 

They are made by Pallares Solsona, a company that has been family-owned and run since 1917.  The city of Solsona in Spain is world renowned for its knife making industry, a tradition which dates back to the 16th century. Throughout its history, Cuchillería Pallarès has aimed to use the materials of the highest quality. The knives are sharpened, oiled and stamped by hand.


The high-quality steel blade gives the knife it’s true charm – easier to sharpen, a steel blade will also hold its edge for longer.


The blade and nail in the handle will patina over time, which is a plus in my book:) this adds to the rustic beauty and story of each knife. 


Care If cared for properly these knives will last for decades. It is important to always dry your knife after every use. Steel is easier to sharpen but the blades need to be dried immediately after every use to prevent rust. The blades will need to be sharpened periodically to preserve their edge and they also benefit from periodic treatment with blade oil.


do not wash in the dishwasher


16cm blade


Material: Box wood handle with a carbon steel blade.

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