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Plat mitjà Chalk

Plat mitjà Chalk

€ 35,00Price

Mitjà is a medium plate perfectly sized to use as a starter, salad, sandwich or dessert plate. Made by hand by Estudio Vernís.  Fired with pine wood in their backyard. Every piece is unique.


Estudio Vernís ceramics were love at first sight for me. I am so happy to present their work in this store.


The studio was founded in the mountains of Alicante in 2019 by Alejandra and Coke, a duo who wanted to make use of their hands and natural resources to make something they identified with.


The main technique they use is called pinching, or pressing the clay between the fingers to shape it. They prefer this method over wheel-throwing or slip-casting for its tactile feeling and the slow pace it forces them into. Every single piece they make contains the makers fingerprints in it.


"By following our traces in each piece you may find some hints of the processes that built it."


Material: stoneware

Glaze: chalk

Size: 20,5 cm

Technique: pinching

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